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1st Continuous Learning and Education (CLE) Programme

Fox & Mandal 1st Continuous Learning and Education (CLE) Programme

This is our introductory session of the Continuous Learning and Education (CLE) Programme, a learning initiative by Fox & Mandal.

For our very first CLE session, we have invited Mr Animikh Roy, an independent AI Consultant, to educate us on the exciting field of study of Artificial Intelligence as a part of our firm’s Continuous Learning and Education Programme.

Artificial Intelligence is taking every industry by storm; undoubtedly, those who understand AI will have an edge over others.

Animikh, also an Astrophysicist pursuing his doctorate at the University of Sussex in England, joined us on 14th September, at 5.30 pm at the AJC Bose Road office. It was available to the public to participate in the live session virtually.

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