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Real Estate

Having seen the evolution of the real estate industry in India, we are well-versed in various real estate structures and have an uncanny understanding of handling complex issues in this sector.

Fox & Mandal’s practice covers real estate for commercial, industrial, hospitality, leisure, educational and other purposes. Fox & Mandal’s case roster for real estate has experience in cases from fragmented landholdings under complex land laws of Bengal to the rise of gated societies with multiple towers, clubhouses, and other amenities. Our real estate practice equips clients with tailor-made solutions to face the evolving challenges of the Real Estate Sector.

We offer a wide range of legal and advisory services to real estate operations/ businesses, from verification of owner’s title to ring-fencing the operations from future legal risks to ensuring regulatory compliance for selling or purchasing assets to quick monetizing real estate projects or investments. We deal with real estate projects from residential complexes, mega townships, shopping malls, and hospitality projects.

Our services include establishing title over land, curing defects, compliance with government and administrative regulations, and preparation of transaction documents for acquisition of land, followed through with agreements with architects, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and service providers, concluding with the sale and other deals, and sale deeds with individual buyers of units.


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