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Employment & Labour Laws

Fox & Mandal Employment & Labour Laws

Employment & Labour Laws

Our Labour and Employment Practice is not just a legal service, it’s a strategic partnership for success

As a legacy firm, we take immense pride in our Employment and Labour Law Practice. With a nationwide presence and a reputation as one of India’s foremost authorities in this field, our team is at the forefront of navigating the intricate landscape of employment regulations. We are not just legal practitioners; we are proactive partners who work collaboratively with industry leaders and governmental bodies to shape the evolving legal framework.

At Fox & Mandal, we have a dedicated and seasoned team specializing in employment, labour-related issues, and employee benefits and employment manuals. Our proactive approach extends from drafting and reviewing employment contracts, company policies, employee transfers during corporate restructuring and M&A. We provide practical solutions to diverse sectors, ensuring compliance, employee satisfaction, and risk mitigation.

Our practice excels in areas spanning business sales and acquisitions, equity-based incentive schemes, workforce restructuring, advisory and much more. We have a proven track record of guiding notable companies through complex employment scenarios, legislative changes, and policy decisions. Recognized as one of India’s best labour and employment practices by esteemed agencies, we cater to diverse industries ranging from Manufacturing, Hospitality, IT, Plantation and beyond. Our involvement with industry bodies and active engagement with the government on legislative developments demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of employment and labour law.


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