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Fox & Mandal Asoke Kumar Dhar

Asoke Kumar Dhar

Senior Partner
Asoke, boasting an extensive four-decade experience, emerges as a visionary adept at traversing the ever-evolving legal terrain. He has astutely observed the proliferation of cutting-edge industries, intricate economic dynamics and evolving regulations on companies’ workforce and financial management.

Asoke Kumar Dhar is the firm’s Senior Partner and has more than four decades of experience in Commercial Contracts, Employment Laws, and related Litigation. Since joining the firm, he has been practicing in Calcutta High Court, the Supreme Court of India, and several other Courts and Tribunals in India. He predominantly represents companies and their management on employment-related projects and litigation.

In his long and distinguished career, he has witnessed the growth of new-age industries and radical shifts in law, Indian economy, work culture, workforce management techniques, technological shifts, legislative reforms such as personal data protection bill, labour codes and their impact on companies’ workforce and financial management.

He has continued to actively advise clients in drafting and reviewing employment documentation and reporting on a wide range of labour law issues, including structuring of ESOPs, transfer of employees, employment termination, and restrictive covenants in employment arrangements. Also, including employment law advisory during corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing initiatives, and reductions in force.

His clients include labour-intensive and highly regulated industries such as Tea Companies, Utilities, and Construction Companies.

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