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Founded in 1896 by John Kerr Fox and Gokul Chandra Mandal, Fox & Mandal (F&M) is one of India’s oldest full-service law firms. Since our incorporation, we have remained committed to the service of our clients, people, and the legal community. At F&M, we have achieved the rare distinction of continued existence for 127 years in an ecosystem where longevity has disappeared.

Our legacy is the cornerstone of our practice. We use our wealth of experience to provide reliable and practical solutions to our clients. We began with two partners in our office by the Calcutta High Court. Today, the Fox & Mandal team serves across India through its offices in Kolkata and New Delhi providing creative and comprehensive solutions to our clients on various issues.

Over the years, Fox & Mandal has transitioned itself from a family-driven entity to a fully professional organisation, which is a testament to its adaptability to the challenges of time in a fast-changing world while retaining its spatial connection to its genesis.

Constantly adapting to client requirements, the firm has recently launched Fox & Mandal Consulting Solutions Private Limited, a division for  providing management and financial advice. Our consulting team is led by experienced professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Costs & Works Accountants, management experts and Company Secretaries.

Whilst we continue to expand our footprint across the country, the firm continues to operate from the same office where John Kerr Fox and G.C. Mandal started their journey together in the building which is more than 200 years old now.

Traversing through three centuries the firm has thrived and remains one of the premier law firms in the country.



Kolkata High Court

Our Journey

Our new branch

Fox & Mandal was started by G. C. Mandal and J. K. Fox in equal partnership.

Our new branch

John Kerr Fox died on October 24, 1921, at the age of 57.

Our new branch

The partnership was reconstituted in 1922 when R. C. Pyne, Solicitor was admitted as a partner.

Our new branch

G.C. Mandal’s only son, Sudhir Kumar Mandal (SK), was admitted as a partner.

Our new branch

Gokul Chandra died on November 28, 1930.

Our new branch

S.K.  Mukherjee (a future Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly) was admitted to the partnership with S.K. Mandal.

Our new branch

Sarashi Bhusan Mandal was inducted as a partner.

Our new branch

R.N. Dhar joined Fox & Mandal as a partner.

Our new branch

The partnership was reorganised to admit Dinabandhu Mandal into the partnership.

Our new branch

The Incorporated Law Society of Calcutta recognizes S.K. Mandal for his fifty years in the legal profession.

Our new branch

S.B. Mandal passed away. Arun Kumar Mandal, Saila Kumar Dhar, and Asoke Kumar Dhar, were admitted into the partnership.

Our new branch

S.K. Mandal retired.  He passed away later that year.

Our new branch

Debanjan Mandal joined the firm as an apprentice.

Our new branch

Debanjan enrolled as an advocate with the Bar Council of West Bengal.

Our new branch

The partnership was reconstituted with the admission of Debanjan as a partner.

Our new branch

Fox & Mandal LLP incorporated as a limited liability partnership by the partners of Fox & Mandal.

Our new branch

A branch of the Firm is started in AJC Bose Road, Kolkata

Our new branch

Dinabandhu Mandal expires.

Our new branch

The Firm turns 125.

Our new branch

The Firm went through an internal restructuring.

Our new branch

Kunal Vajani, a Solicitor of Mumbai entered into partnership with the Firm.

Our new branch

The Firm branches out to New Delhi.

Our new branch

India Post releases Special Cover to commemorate the 125 years of Fox & Mandal.

Our new branch

A. K. Mandal expires.

Our Stamp

India Post’s Special Cover links Fox & Mandal’s past with its continuing story of growth and adaptation in a changing world, while offering a glimpse of the firm’s legal heritage in the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata), the former capital of British India. The stamp is a visual metaphor of the journey that has spanned generations of lawyers.

Many of Fox & Mandal’s memorable and defining legal battles were fought in Calcutta High Court. The image of the High Court in the background of the stamp, a part of it fading as if into the past; the picture of Fox & Mandal’s two founders, J.K. Fox and G.C. Mandal; the typography are all part of the attempt to tell a story — a narrative of progress and professionalism shaped by the principles the firm was established in 1896.

The sketches of some of the columns on each side of the main gate of the High Court with its figures signifying justice, reassurance and learning, formed part of the backdrop of the special cover. In this fusion of the past and the present lies the impetus for the future.

To be a multidisciplinary global law firm driven by expertise and to build lasting relationships.

  • To be a full-service law firm with expertise across different domains and disciplines
  • To deliver exceptional service of international standards, globally
  • To consistently collaborate and adapt to achieve client satisfaction
  • To provide customized, innovative, and state-of-the-art legal solutions with optimum utilization of technology
  • To invest in the development of human capital through learning & development and to build thought leaders.
  • To foster happiness and be a socially responsible organization
  • Integrity:We conduct ourselves with an unwavering adherence to professional and ethical principles by acting with honesty and transparency.
  • Adaptability:We strive to evolve with the times, to emerge stronger and better.
  • Collaborative:We value teamwork, shared responsibility and are receptive to ideas and opinions of all stakeholders.
  • Commitment:We exemplify dedication with intensity in everything we do.
  • Excellence:We deliver exceptional quality to exceed expectations whilst achieving the highest standards.


Fox & Mandal’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, professional growth, and a vibrant work culture is deeply rooted in the firm’s rich history and its vision for the future, making it an attractive proposition for established legal professionals and aspiring graduates looking to make a meaningful impact in the legal industry.

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