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Constitutional Law

Fox & Mandal Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

Fox & Mandal, a venerable institution with a legacy spanning over 125 years, assumes the mantle of a pioneer in the realm of constitutional law. With a history that predates India’s Independence, our establishment has long been at the forefront of handling constitutional cases, many of which have served as seminal benchmarks in the evolution of legal jurisprudence. Remarkably, Mr. B.L. Mitra, a distinguished advocate (who used to be regularly engaged by the firm), held the distinction of being the sole Bengali member of the Constituent Assembly tasked with crafting the Constitution of India. Building upon this storied heritage, Fox & Mandal takes immense pride in nurturing a cadre of specialized constitutional lawyers and individuals who have meticulously honed their expertise within the intricate tapestry of constitutional law.

Notably, Mr. Saila Kumar Mukherjee, a speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly under the stewardship of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, member of the Legislative Assembly of India, Mayor of Calcutta and Chief Minister of West Bengal shortly after independence of India was a partner of the Firm along with Mr. S.K. Mandal. Our legacy is etched in the annals of several landmark judgments that have played a pivotal role in shaping and defining India’s constitutional framework. We hold an expansive wealth of knowledge and experience, offering unparalleled proficiency in every facet of Constitutional Law. This encompasses the meticulous judicial review of administrative actions, the scrutinizing examination of ultra vires laws, constitutional interpretation and analysis, the safeguarding and enforcement of fundamental rights, and the astute handling of constitutional challenges to legislation. We excel not only in the courtroom but also in advisory and opinion work on Constitutional Law.

In a legal milieu populated by a myriad of firms, Fox & Mandal stands tall as a testament to expertise and dedication in Constitutional Law. Our commitment to this specialized field is unparalleled, and our track record of contributions to constitutional jurisprudence sets us apart. Our influence reverberates not merely within the ambit of our clientele but permeates the very fabric of India’s legal fraternity.


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