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2nd Continuous Legal Education Session

Fox & Mandal 2nd Continuous Legal Education Session

As part of our Continuous Learning and Education (CLE) Programme, we invited Mr. Mukesh Dhoot, Vice President, Citibank, who provided us with valuable insights into the dynamic realm of Banking, Transaction Structuring, and Regulations. He covered the following key topics:


  • FOCC transactions
  • DI reporting
  • Share swaps
  • Round tripping – ODI to FDI
  • Pricing guidelines
  • FDI from Gift City
  • Reporting requirements and deadlines
  • AIF and investment vehicle (for any queries)
  • Trust / Family office (for any queries)


  • ODI vs. OPI
  • ODI in the financial sector
  • ESOP reporting
  • APR reporting

Mr. Dhoot brings with him extensive experience in various cross-border transactions, specializing in transaction advisory services and the execution of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), as well as FEMA-Capital account (FDI, ODI, ECB) transactions. His expertise further encompasses cross-border trade and payments, particularly in providing services and solutions to tech-based digital companies, multinational corporations, and start-ups.

The guest lecture was held at our Delhi office on Thursday, 12th October, 5:00 pm.

You can view the entire event on our YouTube channel.

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